We are an agency licensed by Ministry of Human Resources and Department of Immigration of Malaysia, established in year November 2002. We have selectively associated with well established and reputed overseas companies in Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippine to recruit foreign domestic helpers.

We have well-trained and skillful staffs that work as a team to provide quality services by sourcing and supplying well-trained domestic maids. We have the best and dedicated consultants which are able to identify and assess excellent candidates relevant to our clients' specific needs.

We are dedicated in delivering the best possible and excellent services to you, our clients. It is also our commitment to hold your hand and go through the process of selecting a domestic help smoothly.We are pleased to assure you that all maids are carefully selected through our personal interviews with the candidates concerned. Our maids are screened and trained in our Training Centers in preparation of their impending deployment to Malaysia. Our training centers ensure the highest standard of training by having a complete range of training program & facilities to match the needs of Malaysia families.

Whether you need a maid for your newborn baby, young children, elderly folks, sick or disabled family member, or you need a good cook, we strongly believe that we can give you our great quality maids with our best service.

Maid agency is very meaningful business. Bring in high quality maid is our target. Maid can help Malaysian family to improve their quality of life e.g. take care of kids, elderly, cleaning house. We train up foreign maids to be quality maid. With better job maids can earn better life for their families. Maid's kid will have better education and medical care. We wish our work will bring better life to families in Malaysia and foreign countries.