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Who has not heard of online games these days? Internet has opened up a whole new vista for the entertainment and gaming industry which is booming and going strong with huge annual growth rates of 40-45% year on year. All you need to play an online game is a home computer and broadband connection. You don't even need spare time; it sucks you in. Well, if you don't have a computer at home but still want to play, don't loose heart; you can play them on your cell phone.

Online Games and Pass Time

Innovative online games, apart from the traditional chess, poker and Mahjong, are real brain teasers. While these are games which need two players, who you find always online, there are still more which can be played individually. Games such as solitaire, crossword, sudoku are individual games.

Gaming Softwares and Techniques

Some online games require you to download and install their softwares before you can begin play. These softwares help save your personal settings for those games. But mostly, you can play any game without having to download anything at all.

When you log on to play a non individual game, you will be automatically matched against someone who is better than you are. It is frustrating to loose a match, albeit against an unknown player. If you wonder, all but you are skilled, take a look here. There are softwares called as +game cheat' available to help you on the instant! Game cheats level out the playing field and soon you can play with experts without them knowing whether you are using a software aid.

How do you benefit from game cheats? Turn on cheats when you begin playing. Cheat predicts obstacles and opportunities and suggests the best move for you. It can also tell you the next possible move of your opponent, with dependable certainty. You can buy them from their websites for charges not big if you are serious on winning online. Some companies give away trial versions which you can upgrade later. These softwares can be availed for games like game cube, X-Box and the PS 2; and are being continuously upgraded.

A word of caution while playing online games would not be out of place. Play on trusted websites only as most gaming sites install spywares scrupulously onto your hard disk.